Deputy for Iraq: the corridors of the House will move to resolve important laws
Date: 2012-08-25 11: 20: 56 Saturday

Baghdad (News) ... Said MP/ethnic/Faizah Al-Obeidi Coalition, the House legislation would vary quickly to important laws and stronger political role to resolve the current crisis, as well as tighter oversight role over all State institutions.
According to Al-Obeidi (News Agency news) on Saturday: the last period declined in the work of the House of representatives by the effect of Ramadan and extreme temperatures, as reflected on the psychological and moves, but the coming period members will see more mobility to resolve the task of boosting as amnesty laws and the Federal Court and the Council of the judiciary and members of the Electoral Commission.

She added: the return of President Jalal Talabani of treatment this week and the return of Iraqi coalition leader Iyad Allawi of his trip to Baghdad, foreign political arena will see another type of mobility lhalhalh things and the current crisis, and parliamentary pressure to Parliament does not remain intact and remains alamorali people bewildered not know where spin and what will happen in Iraq.