Iraq National Conference Next Month; Talabani Recent Meetings Promise Breakthrough
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Thread: Iraq National Conference Next Month; Talabani Recent Meetings Promise Breakthrough

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    Iraq National Conference Next Month; Talabani Recent Meetings Promise Breakthrough


    Communications to the National Conference next month

    Talabani: recent meetings promise breakthroughs crisis

    Baghdad morning

    flag «Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» that this week will see the start of contacts to hold a national conference in Baghdad next month. said a senior political source: The «current trend focuses on ensuring the approval of all the political blocs to attend conference, which is expected to hold at the residence of President Jalal Talabani next month.

    The source noted that« the paper reform put forward by the National Alliance and the papers social Erbil, Najaf and paper Arbil first will be the most prominent themes of the conference ». in Germany, received by President Jalal Talabani in his residence Mohammed Haj Mahmoud secretary of the Socialist Party KDP.

    said site Patriotic Union of Kurdistan yesterday that pilgrims Mahmoud expressed during the meeting hoped the return of Talabani to the home as soon as possible for «important role and influence in solving problems experienced by Iraq.

    Meanwhile stressed Talabani on «the need to strengthen relations between the political forces and protect the unity of the Kurdish, because of its work and positive role in the political process in Iraq». said President of the Republic: that meetings and consultations from Germany bode prospects to reach a breakthrough in the crisis in order to reach compromise solutions. statement of the Presidency of the Republic Talabani as saying during a meeting yesterday at his residence in Germany, Secretary-General of the Islamic Party head of the center-parliamentary Ayad al-Samarrai, accompanied by leaders of the Islamic Party, said he will continue his efforts to bring the views of the event returning to the homeland soon.
    part , said Deputy Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Saleh, said that the political blocs awaiting the return of the President to give a new batch of reforms to the political process.

    Saleh said in a press statement: »must not look to the current crisis as a crisis between Kurdistan and Baghdad only, before everything is a crisis in the administration of Iraqi political files inside Iraq, not only in its relations with the Kurdistan region, so should not neglect the situation in Baghdad.

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