23/08/2012 02:27
BAGHDAD / Bri Center for the Iraqi Media Network - said the Central Bank of Iraq that Iraq did not have any interest in breach of international sanctions imposed on Iran, calling for Iraq is excluded from these sanctions in accordance with the UN Charter on the grounds of his dealings with Iran are purely civilian.

The deputy governor of the Bank the appearance of Mohammed's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that "there is some kind of confusion through the accusations directed to Iraq on circumventing the sanctions imposed on Iran," he said, adding there was "no interest to the Iraqi government from any angle in things like this. "

He added that "all what is being talked about is either an attempt to confuse or shows a lack of knowledge in the trade deal between the countries."

He called the deputy governor of the Bank to "Iraq is excluded from the sanctions imposed on Iran and that under Article 50 of the UN Charter, for there to be transparency in the issue of dealing with this issue, especially that Iraq's trade with the Islamic Republic of Iran are purely civilian."

The international community imposed sanctions on Iran regarding the export of oil and other financial over its nuclear program.

And linked to Iran and Iraq trade relations exchange volume reached nearly $ 10 billion, pushing the Baghdad government to call on the international community in cases where those sanctions.