Meeting between CBI Governor and Economic Commission Has Been Put on Awaiting up to End of the Week : Baghdad- Deputy Parliamentary Economic Commission to holdup the meeting with Governor of the Central Bank in anticipation of the closing stages of the week, due to Commissionís lapse in the sale of the currency issue, as illustrated by Center of the Iraqi Media Network.

Ibrahim al-Rikabi, Committee member, stated that they are going to holdup the hosting of the Governor of the Central Bank as they want to emerge into the direct activities of the bank on currency selling issue.

The outcome of the activities of the parliamentary committee, which is formed to supervise the sale of dollar at the central bank, would be an important factor for the commission in this issue, as added by Ibrahim al-Rikabi.

Also, House of Representatives parliamentary committee, which is constructed upon investment and economic commission, will resume its work at the end of the holiday for monitoring central bankís activities on the matter of the sale of dollar.

Sinan al-Shabibi, Governor of Central Bank, was scheduled to be hosted, is on an allegation, placed by deputies of the Central Bank of corruption and laundering money through sale of currency in the auction.