Hassan Jihad: President Talabani in permanent contact with the poles of the political process

BAGHDAD - babysit- A member of the Kurdistan Alliance Hassan Jihad said President Jalal Talabani's health is improving and is now at the stage of physical therapy in a hospital in Germany.Jihad said in a statement (radio public opinion): "The health of President Talabani good and expected to return to the homeland within the next week or ten days, coming after the improvement of his condition fully." Noting that President Talabani in the case of permanent contact with the poles process Political and always urging them to need to hold a national meeting. "
He Jihad: "The Barham Saleh, who visited Baghdad recently and went to visit President Talabani in Refinery briefed him on the details of things accurately is fully aware of what is happening from the movements and dialogues side in order to solve the crisis." Noting that he called in his speech addressed to the Iraqi people on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr on the need to hold national meeting and gather all parties at the same table. "noting that President Talabani has the ability to contain the current crisis being a place of confidence to everyone." p / h