Dempsey in Baghdad and America do not be surprised Iraqi request for help after a bloody month and the failure of a clear security
Posted 21/08/2012 10:09 PM
Washington - "arenas of Liberation"
After a month of Ramadan, which has become the harshest month bloody Iraqis, revealing faulty flagrant in the performance of Iraqi forces and Commander-Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and other senior officers, does not seem surprising request of the Government of Iraq, to ​​help the United States to stop the deterioration of security and the inability of Iraqi forces to stop the terrorist groups of the implementation of the operations, which plunged more than four hundred people dead and about one thousand injured in the month of Ramadan.
Comes the cursor on the possibility of submitting the application with the arrival of the Iraqi American Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey to Baghdad on Monday evening and announced that Iraq wants to strengthen the military alliance with the United States.
Said Dempsey, from on board the plane that carried him to Afghanistan recently, "I think they (the Iraqis) have realized that they missed an opportunity to document the relationship more natural with us," referring to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who gambled on his ability to manage the security file remained repeats until days before he was able to defeat terrorism in Iraq.
He added Dempsey, who worked as a military leader for seven years in Iraq, that "we still have a significant impact and the role of large we do, but now on a partnership basis."
In order to open a new page, said Dempsey he came "to dialogue with his Iraqi counterparts to expand military relations and not to make demands. "
and met with Chief of Staff U.S. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, it is hoped to meet the defense minister and chief of staff of the Iraqi army, explaining that the goal of his talks, "is to establish a dialogue based on mutual interest and not to the United States any ambition to guide Iraq in a certain direction ".

Maliki future Dempsey yesterday evening

He spoke Dempsey Search in "the possibility of training and conducting military exercises jointly with Iraq and sell weapons," adding "I know they (the Iraqis) are interested in defending the air and want to reach the capacity to protect Sma˙hm," in reference to what the chief of staff of the Iraqi army team Babacar Zebari said " Iraqi forces will not be fully capable of defending the country until 2020. "
Chief of Staff George said he would not press the Iraqi government on press reports about allowing Iran to transfer supplies to the Syrian regime, which has been fighting for 17 months, through Iraqi territory or help Tehran circumvent financial sanctions, saying that "I do not intend to ask him (al-Maliki) specifically that were instrumental in Syrian affairs," but he pointed out that "the possibility of arms smuggling across the desert areas in western Iraq to Syria without guidance from the government."