Baghdad / Orr News

A source in the Ministry of Oil that "call the American administration companies to deal in a direct form with the federal government is good and welcome." He said that "it would impose on everyone to reconsider contracts Kurdistan without the knowledge of the federal government, in other words, that these contracts will be returned formulated paragraphs will be addressed to ensure that the interests and rights of all parties." He pointed out that "the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, primarily responsible for the follow-up to those contracts and how to modify depends experts in oil and Legal Affairs on the numbers of such contracts."

He added that "the last American position of those contracts is the first step in the right direction, all the oil contracts or investment according to international norms, concluded with the federal or central governments as the first sponsor of each country's resources and wealth."

The spokeswoman for the U.S. State Victoria Nuland asked "oil companies have to deal with the Iraqi government and not to sign contracts directly with Kurdistan", as it did, "Exxon Mobil" and "Chevron" Alamirkatan and "Total?" French.

She added: "We reiterate that the signing of oil contracts for the production or extraction with any region in Iraq without the approval of federal authorities ordered exposes companies to legal difficulties," adding that "these companies take their own decisions, but risk."

The Baghdad considers contracts concluded by the Kurdistan region with illegal oil companies, sees the region they are based on the Constitution and the bilateral agreements with the federal government.