Maliki meets later .. Gen. Dempsey arrives in Baghdad

21.08.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - -

Baghdad (news) arrived chief of staff of the U.S. Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, who is the highest official in the U.S. forces Tuesday in a visit to Baghdad, the first since the withdrawal of troops from Iraq by the end of last year. government source said (of the Agency news): The Dempsey arrived before this afternoon to Baghdad, on an official visit. source added: that Dempsey will meet many Almsaoliyn in Iraq, most notably Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and the chief of staff of the Iraqi army Babacar Zebari. said Dempsey, speaking to reporters traveling with him before landing in Baghdad, as there is still an important role to play United States in Iraq but with different circumstances. said, who worked as a military leader for seven years in Iraq, that "we still have a significant impact and the role of large we do, but now on a partnership basis." In order to open a new page, said Dempsey he came to dialogue with his counterparts Iraqis in order to expand military ties, not to make demands. said Chief of Staff U.S. that he will not put pressure on the Iraqi government on press reports about allowing Iran to move supplies to the Syrian regime through Iraqi territory or helping Tehran to circumvent financial sanctions. said in this regard: I do not go to Baghdad with the expectation that the prime minister will change the topics of discussion just because I got to Baghdad, and continued: I do not intend to ask him specifically that were instrumental in Syrian affairs. , but noted possible arms smuggling across regions desert in western Iraq to Syria without direction of the Iraqi government. explained: he facilitated unlikely that things happen in the western regions border from Iraq without the knowledge of the government, and this is entirely possible. arrived Dempsey from Afghanistan where she was his plane, C-17, to damage due to a rocket attack a parked, and wounding two American soldiers. described the missile strike on a plane that he might be "a stroke of luck," the Taliban's. and push the attack, which occurred when Seen plane Dempsey at the airport in Bagram vast, which is the largest military base U.S. air in Afghanistan, the chief of staff to the American independence plane another to go to Baghdad.

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