Kurdistan Alliance: the dispute with al-Maliki is not personally will not be able to last the Kurds!!
Created Tuesday, August 21 / August 2012 09:44

And said Khalil told (Orr) that "the dispute between the Government of Arbil and the federal government but in the origin of the methodology and how to abide by the constitution and the laws," adding that "Maliki is not an obstacle in the way of achieving the Kurds to their aspirations and that the Kurdish people is who decides fate willingly and no one can obscure this will. "

The eternal Khalil surprise "of the charges in some quarters of the Kurds that their disagreement mainly with Maliki people nor the methodology used in the management of the country," stressing that "the prime minister has not and will not succeed in the future if he tried to raise the differences between the two Kurdish parties because of the Kurdish people defended and defends the blood of the innocent the Iraqi people in general. "