Source of state law reveals near resolve the file security ministries
Created Tuesday, August 21 / August 2012 11:26 | |

Baghdad / Orr News

A source from the State of Law coalition and the presence of the efforts to resolve Gessth file security ministries as soon as possible by agreement between the National Alliance and other menus.

And the source told (ORR) that "there is an effort sustained by the National Alliance to resolve this file as soon as possible, especially and he created a lot of differences in the past between the political blocs," he said, adding "there is coordination between the National Alliance and the political blocs on To resolve this file and the private key portfolios of defense and interior. "

The source pointed out, "is necessary to undermine all the names put forward satisfaction of all the political parties because the issue is put to a vote in the House of Representatives," noting that "the alliance is close to resolving the file and the Interior Ministry that has the names of qualified to take over the Ministry of the Interior."