Resolve security minister after the holiday
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Thread: Resolve security minister after the holiday

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    Resolve security minister after the holiday

    Deputy for the National: Asadi Alafarahza to take over the Interior Ministry .. The crisis cabinet security on the verge of completion
    Date: 08/21/2012 20:38:44 Tuesday

    Baghdad (news) .. MP / National Alliance / Hassan Mahmoud Kazem, the frontrunner for the Interior Ministry senior agent Adnan al-Asadi.
    Mahmoud added in a statement (of the Agency news): The crisis of the security ministries is about to expire after obtaining consensus between the political blocs on a lot of contentious issues.

    He added that the appointment of the first cabinet security reforms in the country, noting that there were a number of candidates to the Interior Ministry, but the frontrunner senior agent of the Ministry of Adnan al-Asadi.

    He predicted MP for the National: that are named or resolve security minister after the holiday, any occurrence of the next ten days.
    This managed security ministries acting since the formation of the government two years ago.
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    Great find, thanks Newmonies.

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