MP Jamal al-Din: paper reforms would do after Eid ... And national meeting would resolve the political crisis

Date: 2012-08-19 14: 32: 34 Sunday

Baghdad (News) ...According to the National Alliance Deputy//Baha Hadi Jamaluddin, national meeting will translate paper reforms on the ground, anticipated that the Conference would resolve the outstanding differences between the political parties.
Said Gamal Eddin told (News Agency news): there is a move by politicians on paper the reforms proposed by the National Alliance will be activated after the Festival, particularly after President Talabani yesterday for the political process with the need to reach consensus on the outstanding issues.

He added: the political blocs to take seriously the paper to be implemented on the ground.

The National Alliance MP to: that all political blocs to convene a national meeting call so there are big tvael could be resolved outstanding issues remain unresolved, indicating that the National Convention will translate paper reforms on the ground.

The lead was in the block by National Alliance Deputy//Aziz Al-igaily, questioned the political reform paper by the Alliance, calling it an attempt to buy time and political blocs is not serious in its application./finished/2 l. Eng.