Deputy of Iraq's political blocs respond to invite Talabani to end differences

Date: 2012-08-19 11: 36: 05 Sunday

Baghdad (News) ...Called the Iraqi bloc MP/white/Djamel watermelons, political blocs at the invitation of the President of the Republic to end the differences between political parties.
Melon said in a statement received (News Agency for children) on Sunday: political blocs must not ignore the call of President Jalal Talabani, national meeting, inviting those blocks to create conditions before return Talabani from travel this meeting.

He added: the white block repeats the current relentless only national meeting which has become an urgent necessity must take notice of all the political blocs.

The watermelon to: national meeting is the perfect solution for all problems if the intentions and abandon personal interests, urging political parties to strengthen language direct dialogue to resolve all outstanding problems and refer to the Constitution as a reference for resolving crises the country./finished/LM/