BAGHDAD - Iraq News Network: MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Qasim Muhammad Qasim said international companies are important and a giant in the field of oil were operating in southern Iraq moved to the Kurdistan region of Iraq because of what he described as restrictions prohibitive imposed by the central government on these companies as well as to punish all companies that operating in the region and depriving them of work in the rest of the country's provinces. واعتبر قاسم ان سياسة بغداد في مجال النفط غير صحيحة ولا تخدم الشعب العراقي . He said that the policy of Qasim Baghdad in the field of oil is incorrect and does not serve the Iraqi people. وعقد النائب الكردي مقارنة بين سياستي حكومتي بغداد واربيل قائلاً ان عملية استقطاب الشركات النفطية من الجنوب الى الاقليم دلالة واضحة على ان السياسة النفطية التي تتبعها حكومة الاقليم ناجحة وان سياسة المركز فاشلة على حد تعبيره. The contract Kurdish lawmaker comparison between my policy governments in Baghdad and Erbil, saying that the process of attracting oil companies from the south to the region is a clear indication that the oil policy pursued by the provincial government, and that a successful policy center failed as he put it. وكان عدد من المصادر ذكر ان غالبية الشركات النفطية العالمية الكبرى بدأت تنهي عقودها في الجنوب وتتجه الى اقليم كردستان العراق بسبب السياسية التي تتبعها الحكومة الاتحادية . A number of sources said that the majority of the world's major oil companies began to terminate their contracts in the south and heading to the Kurdistan region of Iraq because of political pursued by the federal government.