B adenosis - Iraq News Network: Mark appearance of Mohammed Saleh deputy central bank governor talk about the deletion of zeros and the replacement of the Iraqi currency early next year 2013 a fantasy, but he stressed the need to replace the currency in a new financial.

Saleh said that the draft restructuring currency and delete the zeros are still just proposals nor approved so far and remains a dead letter, noting that the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives are still trading with the bank on the matter and the time at which it is replacing the currency.

He pointed out that in favor of replacing the currency must be with a new financial, considering that private accounts Iraqi government can not be recorded in the same year two forms of financial values. و

He was a member of the Finance Committee Haitham al-Jubouri announced last May that the month of January of the next year will see deleting three zeros and the replacement of the currency, in September will see the next direct printing new currency in different categories. ف

As announced by the Finance Committee parliamentary Nagia Najib last July that the budget next year will be 2013 new currency after deleting three zeros from the current currency, arguing that the reluctance of traders and companies from trading in the Iraqi currency behind the adoption of the Central Bank project to delete zeros.

This has accused the central bank in September of last year, government agencies obstructing monetary reform and vowed persecuting, blaming the authorities responsible for exposing the financial interests of the country to danger.

What was seen as an adviser to Prime Minister for Economic Affairs in August of last year that the lifting of the zeroes from the currency is the biggest corruption in Iraq if it was during this period, and fall under the name of tampering with the economic, warning of "mafias currency" is preparing to rig the trillions of Iraqi dinars to replace them in the light of changes anticipated.

It is noteworthy that some economists believe that Iraq is not formatted for the time being to delete the zeros from its currency, noting that the deletion needs to stabilize the security and political as well as economic stability.