Member Dawa party: there is a desire of the region and the center to resolve the crisis and the enactment of the oil and gas
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User confirmed Dawa Iraq Organization Abdul Hadi al-Hassani, a desire of the Kurdistan region and center to resolve the crisis between them and find the best formula for a law of oil and gas and to give foreign companies entitlements, saying that joint action is a necessity in the stage.

He said al-Hassani, said that "the Deputy Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Salih, political figures known Bdblomasetha high, and had up his sleeve during his recent visit to Baghdad, a lot of proposals both oil and money owed to the Kurdistan region," noting that "there is a great desire of the region and the center to resolve the current crisis and find a better formula to enact the law of oil and gas, as well as giving the benefits of foreign companies. "

He stressed the need Hassani "find a common interest in understanding the constitutional civilian federal, not understanding the power of both unilaterally region or place," adding that "the joint work of the necessities of the current stage."

And U.S. Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Salih, on 13 August 2012, to Baghdad to meet with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and other officials, as well as access to a paper reform put forward by the National Alliance.

What was seen as the Kurdistan Alliance, on August 14, 2012, that this visit "positive", saying that it opened up a dialogue with the National Alliance, as pointed out that there are meetings at a higher level will take place after the return of President Jalal Talabani of his treatment, to resolve outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil.

Relations between Baghdad and Erbil chronic crisis worsened months ago but intensified in recent impact of differences on oil contracts concluded by the Kurdistan region with a number of foreign companies, which Baghdad deems illegal, while he says the region they are based on the Iraqi constitution and bilateral agreements with the federal government.

The crisis escalated on the back also stop in the Kurdistan region (the first of April 2012) pumping oil until further notice because of disagreements with Baghdad on the financial dues to oil companies operating in it.