Parliamentary Security: Adoption of the amnesty law is a step in the direction of solving problems : 17/08/2012 15:33

Diyala province August 17 ​​/ August (Rn) - considered the Commission on Security and Defence Parliamentary, on Friday, said the adoption of the amnesty law is an essential step in solving the security problems and political, noting that the bill has the unanimous popular politician to carry aspects of humanity in the equity of innocent people.

and the voice of the House of Representatives Iraq in September / September on the amnesty law the controversial made ​​by the Sadrist bloc in principle to be referred to the Legal Committee to determine the extent to which paragraphs with the Iraqi Constitution. A member of the Committee Deputy Hamid al-Mutlaq, "The amnesty law is an opportunity to do justice to the oppressed and to correct errors and behavior." ,

and expressed his hope that "is the law was passed after the Eid al-Fitr." and added that "the adoption of the amnesty law is an important step to solve the security problems and the country's political," pointing out that "many of the files of detainees on hold due to lack of equipment executive takes into account human rights as well the absence of an independent judiciary in its decisions over the past nine years. "

The law is one of the terms of the political agreement that paved the way for the formation of the Iraqi government, which support the Sadr movement Maliki's nomination for a second term. At the time ruled out the al-Mutlaq, "the occurrence of any violations by law the right to personalize the plaintiffs inclusion of perpetrators amnesty, "accused the" parties, he did not identify, of trying to exploit Article 4 terrorism to keep a lot of innocent detainees in prison for the longest period through the confidential informant and claims malicious. "

and fear the Iraqi government that includes the new amnesty law accused of murder in accordance with Article IV of anti-terrorism law, as happened in the law of the previous amnesty, which began in 2008. and seek the House of Representatives at its current session to approve the General Amnesty Law, which states that exempt a general amnesty and a comprehensive report on the Iraqis (civilians and military) who are inside and outside Iraq sentenced to death or life imprisonment or temporary or imprisonment, whether their sentences-face or in absentia gained the degree of bits or not acquired. and apply the provisions of this law on the defendants all detainees of them and not be arrested and be exempt from crimes all regardless of the degree, whether taken by the legal action or not take, but those contained exception Under this law, legal systems and stop the proceedings against them all. From: Mahmoud Jubouri, the Open: Joseph Karwan