Clarification from the government of Kurdistan about the decision to close Mmthleetha in Baghdad and al-Maliki calling for his return

On: Friday 08/17/2012 17:10

BAGHDAD - Agencies

The Government of the Kurdistan Region, today, Thursday, clarification on closing Mmthleetha in Baghdad, by the Office of Federal Prime Minister saying that the Prime Minister's Office has individually and without informing the Kurdistan Regional Government to close the Representation of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Baghdad, according to the book numbered (1373) on 8 - 8-2012 under the pretext of lack of legal basis.

The Government of the Kurdistan Region in the illustration disapproval of this decision, asserting that this resolution has no legal basis and will impact negatively on the regulation of relations between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government, which Ndmt accordance with the Constitution, asserting that any territory within the framework of a federal state needs a law firm to coordinate and completion of business between the two sides.

The Kurdistan Regional Government in clarifying that this Representative Office was established 6 years ago by a letter issued by the office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, No. (1063) on 24.07.2006, according to the same resolution was to complete its work in Baghdad, has been the exchange of many books and resolutions administrative representation between the KRG and the federal government, and all these are indications that the existence of this Representative Office in Baghdad, legal, and Enzk any pretext for the decision to close the Representation of the Kurdistan Regional Government by the Office of the Prime Minister.

Confirmed that the Kurdistan Regional Government in clarifying: The purpose of the establishment of this Representative Office is to improve relations and strengthen coordination between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government, especially in the areas of courts, education, health and border crossings and the participation of representatives of the Kurdistan Region in the committees that work in Baghdad, and the regulation of relations with Baghdad as part of the Constitution. Moreover, the Constitution, which regulates the relations between the provinces and the federal government does not contain any objection to the opening of the Representative Office in Baghdad, in Article 117 admitted to the Constitution clearly all the organizations and the authorities of the Kurdistan Region, and in Article 121 allows the constitution of the regions that have representatives in Iraqi embassies abroad , so it is strange that does not allow that to be the Kurdistan Regional Government representation in the capital Baghdad.

At the end of illustration, called on the Kurdistan Regional Government, Office of the Federal Prime Minister to reconsider this decision from the source to ensure a good and healthy relations serve the interests of both sides.