Hashemi: Iraq is on the threshold of a popular revolution because of the uniqueness of al-Maliki in power : Khandan - warned Tariq al-Hashemi, Iraqi Vice President of "that Iraq is on the threshold of a popular revolution because of the uniqueness of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in power," stressing that "the Iraqi people will be patient too much on the injustice and corruption-Maliki," saying "he (Maliki) is a monopoly run the country nor allows for one of political involvement and that he turned into a crisis and bear the consequences of security breaches suffered by Iraq. "

Hashemi said in an interview with the "East" country "that the country in a state of political deadlock bear the responsibility of all political blocs," referring to the tendency to activate Erbil agreement on the withdrawal of the confidence of the Maliki government.

And on the developments in the trial predicted Hashemi, the issuance of a default judgment against him and against his bodyguards, but stressed that this provision will not be acceptable to Aarabiya not universally asserting that "his case politically must have a political solution and that Nuri al-Maliki is lying when he claims it is legal," denying "unequivocally the existence of deal between him and al-Maliki and he refused to close the case against the display to get out of Iraq. "

He appealed to al-Hashemi "Arab states bear responsibility towards what might they experience" and said "that the blood of 100 individuals from individuals Hamaiati in your master must be a firm stand in front of al-Maliki to rescue them." Stressing that the world leaders are sympathetic to him but chose not to intervene for their lack of confidence in Maliki, and expressed his hope that his case be resolved internally, not external intervention and said that "if you move the lawsuit against me, outside Baghdad, Maliki will be a" scandal Bjlajl. "

He spoke Hashemi, "Iranian interference direct" in Iraqi affairs, stressing that "Iraq's foreign policy has become part of the policy of Iran and Iranian influence in Iraq has been to accept the internal and the complicity of U.S.," warning that "Iraq's Maliki is dominated Iran's interest on the interest of Iraqi, Arab and has become a burden on the Arab national security, noting that the position of Iraq from Syria, shameful, the most prominent evidence of this docile policy of Iran, and said parties of the Syrian opposition, assured him the presence of militias, Iraqi fighting alongside al-Assad and the Syrian ambassador to Iraq, Nawaf al-Fares told him that al-Maliki knows details of the role of Syria to destabilize the security and stability in Iraq. " : http://translate.google.com/translat...4454%26Jor%3D2