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Atrushi rules out holding National Meeting soon
Thursday, 16 August 2012 14:55 | PDF | Print | E-mail

Baghdad (AIN) -MP Firhad al-Atrushi of the Kurdistani Alliance ruled out possibility of holding the National Meeting soon.

He said in a statement to AIN "We do not see in the horizon a chance to hold the planned meeting soon, as there is vagueness concerning the political reforms."

Atrushi assured the "importance to determine the topics which are included in the reforms proposal and the need to identify them by a time limit."

"There are political sides which want to keep the situation as it is by resorting to procrastination and making promises to launch reforms in the political process in order to keep the Premier Maliki in his position," he added.

"What we want is to adopt genuine reforms," according to Atroushi who noted that "The blocs within the Iraqi National Alliance itself do not have agreement upon those reforms."