Paper reforms the subject of variation of the positions of the three blocs and national implementation plans in the next week

BAGHDAD - Noor Ibrahim -

Paper's political reforms are still modern politicians all, but remain the subject of difference between a party and another where conflicting blocs about this project, which is supposed him off for weeks, the National Alliance announced to start implementing the reforms, but parties in the Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan denied the receipt of their lists papers in this regard and said the leader of the Alliance the national law of the State of MP Ehsan Al-Awadi said the paper has been the adoption of the reform its own mechanism, noting that next week will be action points contained in it. "

According to Al-Awadi told Sahifahalroa General: "The National Alliance during his meetings with the rest of the blocks had agreed on the formation of several committees of each committee is concerned with something like a committee to monitor the work of the House of Representatives and follow its rules of procedure and the Commission for the selection of ministers security as well as a committee to follow up the work of the political blocs and others."

Adding to: "The tasks to be assigned to the paper will be on the fast and medium levels."

As for the problems between Baghdad and Erbil between the Attorney-Awadi, the solution to differences between the parties is subject to negotiations, likely at the same time to solve all outstanding issues after the Eid al-Fitr. "

The National Alliance has put on the seventh of July last paper he called political reforms and called on the Chairman of the Reform Committee Chairman of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari said in a statement consists of three points on all parties to participate in the political process to deal with the initiative of dialogue on the basis of commitment to the Constitution and the reform of state institutions " .

On the other hand member of a coalition between the Iraqi deputy whose staff said the list until now did not reach its reform paper which did not show up on the blocks and do not know their content, pointing out that this is not a formal paper out of her at all

Ajili in an interview with the newspaper, public opinion, said: "The paper of reform up to now in the pipeline is within the National Alliance has not been resolved. Called:" The displays of the National Alliance of this paper on the blocks without marginalizing any party for the purpose of the agreement on the mechanism for it. "And denied Iraqi MP: "The list may be given new names for the purpose of filling the position of the Ministry of Defence because the choices have not changed and the former Iraqi insists on choosing one of them."

In the meantime, a senior leader of the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mohammed Taha and Xuan paper reforms that do not exist on the ground, which is found only through the media statements made by members of the National Alliance for the purpose of calming the situation no more (he says). "

Taha said in a statement to the newspaper (public opinion): "This paper is based on whether it should adopt real reform, because the security ministries, as well as unresolved differences between the center and Erbil continues to increase where this paper than that."

He called: "the National Alliance and the rule of law in particular to pursue reform within the components first and then the application of the reforms that call for them if they are serious about it." Taha said the parliamentarian: "that the previous meetings were not formal meetings to discuss important things it did not result in any positive results as we hear in the media."

Expected to continue to the differences between the political blocs in the coming days unlikely to be resolved because the differences are rooted not be resolved at a meeting or two meetings, he said. "

Ahmad Sharifi political scientist and specialist in the Iraqi issue between the National Alliance of all its components to build in his mind hypothesis is expected to solve this hypothesis all the crises, adding that better for the latter attention to this because of the political process today living a crisis of confidence among all parties and this leads to the failure of any proposal or provided by any agreement. "

Sharifi said in a statement to the newspaper public opinion: "The crisis experienced by the political blocs is not a crisis is a crisis, a simple but very large and miscarriage in the process of regional and international levels, and these are all overshadowed by the political scene."

Indicating the following: "The sitting around the negotiating table now does not work because all the parties involved in the political process live within blocks per intersection."

It is worth mentioning that the last days of Ramadan saw Hrakat between the leaders of political blocs continue as Chairman of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari of his meetings with leaders and officials from various political blocs to discuss the latest developments in political and public in the country, according to data issued by his office. "