Mohammed Karbouli: feast days that will follow will be crucial .. There are positive indications to resolve the crisis : Dated: 8/13/2012 18:04:11 Monday

Baghdad (news) .. Expected MP / coalition in Iraq / Mohammed Karbouli, to witness the days that will follow day Eid al-Fitr, to witness decisive negotiations between the political blocs, describing the arrival of the delegation of Kurdistan to Baghdad to negotiate "positive indicators".
Karbouli said (of the Agency news) said on Monday: The days that will follow al-Fitr festival days will be critical to most political problems in the country, calling on all political parties to sit at the negotiating table and resolve the political crisis.

He added that the coming days will be capable of resolving the political crisis, everyone went through to the dialogue, and this is reassuring that the political blocs want to solve the crisis.

Karbouli said: that the delegation of Kurdistan, who arrived in Baghdad yesterday, sending messages, that the Kurdistan Alliance, or the Kurdistan Region want to solve problems with the federal government.

This arrived in Baghdad late President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Barham Salih, the former head of a large delegation for negotiations with the federal government.