IMF & World Bank Meeting
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    IMF & World Bank Meeting

    8-13-2012 World Bank/IMF Meeting: Maliki meets with World Bank and IMF; Confirms the need for Iraq to experience the support and development of the World Bank. Today Maliki called the need for Iraq to experience the World Bank and what can be its support for the development of financial and economic institutions. Maliki stressed that Iraq is a rich country has great wealth and that his efforts are concentrated on the investment of these resources in order to achieve a better return and higher levels of performance and achieve economic prosperity. This came during a meeting with Maliki the World Bank and the IMF. The World Bank and the IMF to continue to work for the implementation of the projects that the World Bank has funded in the areas of energy and other. The Bank will work to support Iraq. Iraq has earned us a good experience we want to take advantage of them in the next stage through our support for various projects in Iraq.
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