13/08/2012 11:19

Erbil, 13 August / August (Rn) - London Brent crude analogy European surpassing $ 114 a barrel, its highest level in three months on Monday due to renewed fears of supply disruptions after that fueled the recent Israeli statements on preventing Iran from going ahead with the nuclear program disputed tensions in the region.

and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday that most of the threats to the security of Israel "shrinking" to the possibility of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.

According to a Reuters news agency, such remarks cast a shadow over the outlook in the recent occurrence of a further slowdown in demand growth on oil because of poor economic outlook in the United States and Europe. London Brent crude rose $ 1.02 to 113.97 dollars a barrel at 0331 GMT, up six of the last seven sessions.

Brent arrived to 114.28 dollars a barrel earlier in the session, the highest level since the fourth of May. U.S. oil rose 73 cents to 93.60 dollars after falling settled at 49 cents to 92.87 dollars. http://www.aknews.com/ar/aknews/2/32...medium=twitter