8-12-2012 SWFloridaGuy: Articles vs. Rumors. I had a debate with someone earlier today who said I was wrong for reading articles. Obviously we need to have a certain amount of skepticism when it comes to certain reports that come from Iraq and must consider the source. However, gurus will tell you that you can't believe any articles or do your own research and that you should solely depend upon them for "intel," which of course they very conveniently never share with you and probably for the best because up to this point their record is fairly abhorrent.

They never specify which sources we should ignore. So, I wonder if they're referring to the GOI, CBI, Finance Committee, CoM, some random economist, National Alliance MP's, Iraqi List MP's, IMF reports, SIGR reports to Congress, political risk consultancy firms, Iraq historians, currency reform research papers, IMF/World Bank reports, the study of macroeconomic analysis (such as OECD development center documents) or confirming which laws have been passed and read into the gazette. If any guru would like to make the case that their rumors have been more reliable than these sources and wishes to debate me on this, I would be more than happy to oblige.

The only way we can educate ourselves is by reading articles (which includes far more than Iraqi news articles). Vague analogies, moderated chats, gag orders, NDAs etc., will teach us nothing. It's a cop-out in my opinion. Like with all information we receive, we must consider the source and use our best judgement as to the author's credibility but lets not make blanket, naive statements, like we should avoid all of the previously mentioned and simply trust in the rumors. Especially, when we consider their track record. Our best shot at having a good understanding of the political process and how it may relate to this investment, is by taking the time to do our own research and formulate our own opinion as to where we stand.

Here are a few helpful sources and a good alternative to the hype (Listed in order below): Ministry of Planning, Iraq Legal Database, IMF/WTO Currency Manipulation, Macroeconomic Effects of Large Exchange Rate Appreciations, Article 140: Iraq’s Constitution, Lecture 9 - What Determines Exchange Rates, Iraq and the IMF, International Compact With Iraq, Inside Iraqi Politics, Iraq Oil Report, SIGR report to Congress, SBA 2nd report and CBI Annex A. - These are only a few examples of resources at our disposal. I would also like to add that I am extremely grateful for all the talented newshounds out there who have taught us so much and continue to research on our behalf.