Sunday, August 12, 2012 20:18
China plans to open an embassy in Kurdistan

Erbil / Baghdadiya News / ..'s Republic of China's ambassador in Iraq, Jean Ni, Sunday, said his country plans to open a new embassy in the Kurdistan region soon.

According to a statement posted on the Kurdistan Regional Government and seen by agency / Baghdadiya News / quoting the Chinese ambassador during his visit to the region that "Kurdistan has made great progress compared with the rest of the provinces and expressed his admiration for the progress made in the Kurdistan region, where he said that" territory Carddstan differs from all respects with the rest of Iraq. "
He said the Chinese ambassador that "there is an opportunity to enhance relations better between the Kurdistan Region and China," calling at the same time the Chinese government to the need for opening Mmthleetha diplomacy in the Kurdistan region, "adding that" China has a status of economic prestige in the world and can play an important role in the process of reconstruction the Kurdistan region. "
He said the Chinese ambassador that "encourages Chinese companies to go to the Kurdistan region and to participate in investment projects and business." On the opening of the representation of China in the Kurdistan region, said the Chinese Ambassador, "We look with interest also to the issue, and stressed that it is only a matter of time, and this aspect praised the role of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the coordination and cooperation to the opening of the Representation of China in the near future."