Erbil, 12 August / August (PNA) - suddenly and unexpectedly, the prices of onions in Iraq is insane.

This rise coincided with the hot atmosphere of Ramadan three times .. Once because of the heat wave is unprecedented and the absence of electricity unprecedented over the past eight years, and once because of the political atmosphere hot at all, and a third time because of the onions, which decided to enter a party in the equation of prices like the major fruits and vegetables such as oranges, apples, grapes, Allalinka and figs.

Ministry of Agriculture attributed the high prices of onions to being a seasonal crop grown less during these months. And because the door was open to import various types of agricultural crops, including onions, no one has been complaining of high prices. However, the inclusion in the list of onion crops, which decided not to import onions to encourage local shortages led to the onions that made ​​modern Iraqi family even exceeded the level of debate around the debate about some of the Ramadan series that compete in the displayed various Arab satellite channels. Crisis, the Syrian role in the rise in prices of onion, as many crops have traditionally been imported from Syria because of the cost of production in Iraq more than the cost of imported without taking those responsible for the possibility of change there, which made ​​the onions first victim.