Maliki: We refuse to deal with the Kurdistan region of Turkey as an independent state

08/12/2012 0:00

He stressed that Baghdad had the desire to solve all the problems with Ankara,
Baghdad - Al Sabah
said Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's refusal to treat Turkey with Kurdistan as an independent state. and Prime Minister Turkish role in the region, however, but it must be away from the policy interventions in the affairs of nations the other, explaining that the policy of the Justice and Development Party came to power when they call to resolve problems and outstanding issues, but what happened now is to exacerbate these problems because of the nature of the Turkish role and attitudes towards pursued by some neighboring countries. Maliki said in an interview with the channel
"A Haber" Turkish yesterday and the transfer of part of a statement issued by his office had received "morning," a copy of it: "The cases recorded on Turkey is dealing with the region and as an independent state and it is unacceptable for us," noting that Turkey if they have the desire to establish good relations must be its relations with the region through the gate of Iraq, especially that Iraq has the desire to solve all dilemmas in the interest of the two neighbors. The new Prime Minister, Iraq's position on current events in Syria, saying that "the Syrian file file seriously, and that all countries will not be immune to what is happening there, so you must resort to dialogue and to stop arming all sides, and a mechanism for dialogue to establish a partnership government representing all shades of people Syrian people. cabinet decided last week held a special session to review the relations between Iraq and Turkey in the light of developments, as the statement said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh has received "morning," a copy of it, "The Council decided at its meeting yesterday the formation of a committee headed by Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani and the membership of the State Minister for Provincial Affairs and the agents and ministers of foreign and domestic, transport and the National Intelligence Service and Adviser to the Prime Minister for Legal Affairs to investigate the circumstances of the visit of Turkish Foreign Minister to Kirkuk and make recommendations to the Cabinet as soon as possible. "Iraq had handed the Arab League yesterday, a protest note high on visit Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to the Kurdistan region and Kirkuk province without the knowledge of the federal government.
as Foreign Ministry summoned Friday, charge d'affaires Turkish in Baghdad born Sapphire and told him protest the government serious on the Foreign Minister's visit to the province of Kirkuk without the knowledge of the federal government and approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to climb Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari in the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee after the holiday Eid al-Fitr, to follow up the issue of the visit of Turkish Foreign Minister and report to the House of Representatives.