National Alliance: Meeting Allawi and Maliki should be a national interest of the country

Called the National Alliance MP Waeli faith, both Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi to meet, noting that their meeting was a national necessity in the interest of the country.
The Waeli (of the Agency news), on Saturday,
the votes obtained by the al-Maliki and Allawi makes them weight can not be ignored and are a national figures, which manages the political process since "2003," and that the meeting would end all the problems, in order to devote themselves to building the country and strengthen the state in all its corners and Moisadtha.

She added, that the dispute and the dimension of the current between the two parties is not due only detrimental to the citizens in a time of street tension and clear, and people suffering from the failure to provide services as required, and this will only be achieved through the construction and ages, which is the responsibility of parliament and the government, which is where Maliki and Allawi limbs important.
According to this should meet the political parties and stop the dangerous escalation of the media that launched some of the characters, bloodshed and to stop bleeding assassinations and terrorist bombings.