Al-Mutlaq is trying to bridge the gap between Allawi and Maliki and his return to the Council of Ministers was conditional"
01:00:11 / 08/2012

Saleh al-Mutlaq, Nouri al-Maliki, Ayad Allawi

Khandan - revealed a deputy for the coalition in Iraq that Saleh al-Mutlaq, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister and after his return to his post to seek a reconciliation between al-Maliki, Allawi, pointing at the same time that the return to his post-Mutlaq, was conditional.

He said Raad Dahlaki MP on the mass of the dialogue, led by al-Mutlaq and internalized within the coalition in Iraq in a statement to "Khandan" to the existence of efforts by Saleh al-Mutlaq to bridge the gap between Nuri al-Maliki and Ayad Allawi, a meeting between them, alluding to say: "The purpose of these efforts is to get Iraq out of the political crisis, "he did not set a date for the upcoming meeting so far.

And on the return of Saleh al-Mutlaq to his post as Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs, said Dahlaki: "The return of the Deputy Prime Minister to his post was conditional, and will have another position in the event of non-compliance with those conditions, although they were not terms of personality."

He added that the conditions Dahlaki Raad al-Mutlaq is the existence of a balance of powers and positions, and issue a general amnesty law, and work on an internal system of the particular leadership of the Iraqi armed forces, and the resolution of the high-security positions and a reform in all government facilities.

The MP for the Liberal bloc that Maliki had agreed to the conditions under which he returned to his post-Mutlaq likely issue a general amnesty law by the House soon, as well as the amendment of the law, accountability and justice.

And on the relationship the return of Saleh al-Mutlaq for his decision to Osama Najafi judge to freeze the question al-Maliki, said: "There is a relationship between them indirectly, as there is an intention to effect repairs, and our demands were either questioning or reform, the intention was reform are real, there is no doubt that the interrogation will not remains, and that was one of the conditions of al-Mutlaq reform. "