Political body of the National Alliance: the negotiations between the blocks will start after the return of President Talabani directly
01:39:11 / 08/2012

An earlier meeting of the political blocs

Khandan -
The political body of the National Alliance of the date of the national meeting, which called him President Jalal Talabani will be determined after negotiations between the political blocs and due to have started after the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

A member of the Authority, Hamid Maaleh that "the reform committee set up by the National Alliance believed that the bilateral and trilateral dialogues that were held during the last period between political leaders and representatives of the blocks have been exhausted its purpose."

He Maaleh's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that "the Commission decided to direct inform the other political blocs on the contents of a paper reform after the end of such blocks to form committees to negotiate with the National Alliance," adding that "the main objective is to remove all factors of frustration and uncertainty surrounding the political landscape and give the other blocs opportunity to add what we can sing the paper. "

"The negotiations between the blocks will start after the return of President Jalal Talabani after the feast that follows directly on the determination date of the meeting to approve the priorities of the national paper of reform, while ensuring follow-up and implementation."

In conclusion, the Chairman of the Reform Committee Ibrahim al-Jaafari for the meetings and was described as "positive" collected over the past month with all the heads of political blocs to inform them on a sheet of reform and steps of the National Alliance for Halhh political crisis, as revealed Reform Committee about starting this week to hold meetings with the political blocs.