11/08/2012 09:23

Baghdad, August 11 / August (Rn) – have indicated to the security and defense committee of parliamentary, Saturday surprise “severe” from the announcement by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki about the “end of the war on terror in Iraq,” while confirming that the organization still poses a threat to security in the country, confirmed the absence of study and realistic about the organization.

He announced during a meeting last week, with a number of officers that the “fight against terrorism is over,” and also said that “what remains is the cells of looking here and there for an opportunity or a gap behind it wills from other countries take advantage of the circumstance happening in the region.”

A member of the Committee Chuan Mohamed Taha told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “talking about the end of the threat al-Qaeda categorically is not true and that the absence of a study process to prove the end of regulation,” and wondered “Who are they who broke into the biggest and most dangerous institution security in Baghdad, the Directorate fight against terrorism? “.

He said Taha that “the initiative, however, the terrorists, not, however, security forces, we see the targeting security institutions frequently, so the talk about the end of the al-Qaeda must be based on the study of realistic,” noting that “al-Qaeda still retains places effective it especially in the province of Diyala,” . He said.

The announcement of al-Maliki end of the battle with terrorism at a time multiplied fears about what could happen in Syria by the increasing violence there, and the entry of thousands of Syrian refugees into Iraqi territory after it refused to Baghdad receive them at first for fear of the flow of wanted to eliminate the Iraqi who had slipped through the years of violence Sectarian to Syria.

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