11/08/2012 10:42

Erbil, 11 August / August (Rn) – The parliament of the Kurdistan region Saturday morning, the start of the first meeting on the formation of a higher council for Kurdistan negotiate with the federal government.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Shaways Rose, President of the Parliament of Kurdistan Arslan Baez, and a representative of the provincial government in Baghdad, Mohammed Ihsan, and heads of Kurdish political blocs in the Iraqi parliament and Kurdistan parliament.

The media adviser to the President of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region, said the essence of Tariq’s (Rn) earlier that “the Council will be formed to follow up and manage to negotiate the outstanding issues Pim Arbil and Baghdad.”

Held last Monday, the first consultative meeting expanded to form a Council of negotiations between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad, to resolve outstanding issues between the two sides described the meeting participants, the question of forming the Council necessarily salt, as would be a national institution to oversee the negotiations and discussions between Baghdad and Erbil.

It is said that there are important issues pending between Baghdad and Erbil for nearly six years, the most prominent one oil and gas, and the budget of the Peshmerga, and Article 140 of the constitution and the issue of federalism.

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