Member of Finance Committee: Amounts allocated to the families covered by Article (140) few and do not fill the need
Ali Abdullah - 10/08/2012 AD - 12:18 PM | Hits: 70

The member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Secretary Hadi Abbas, Ministry of Finance and the Federal Government to increase the share of compensation of displaced persons covered by Article (140).
Abbas said in a press statement on Wednesday: The amounts allocated to compensate the families displaced by war or which were abandoned in lost the rule of the former regime, a few do not meet the needs of the families that had been confiscated all their property without any guilt or the families that were abandoned by their regions and did not find the place you live it. He added, should increase the amounts allocated to the families, which included Article (140) to more than (10) billion dinars for each province to take over all the families displaced more than (10) million dinars, indicating, that the quota to be distributed is estimated at (10) million dinars, which is very few and should be increased. He explained: that the families that included the distribution of funds only obtained a court order Basthakagahm amount For transactions that were recently announced scrutinize Wim maturity. surprised Abbas: the delay of the Ministry of Finance in the distribution of funds for the families displaced and red tape that followed in auditing transactions, calling for the ministry to expedite the distribution of benefits as soon as