10/08/2012 11:30
BAGHDAD, Aug. 10 (AKnews) -The National Alliance (NA) is trying "to waste time" through its calls for reform package, said leader of the Ahrar Bloc which is a rank in the Shiite Sadr Current.

In July the NA (which reinstated Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki) invited the political parties for negotiations over its reform package in a bid to end the political crisis in the country.

Amir Kanani, Ahrar bloc leader, said "there is no reform package …What is there is an agreement of the political parties which created the government but some parties after achieving the PM post evade enforcing it."

He described the NA's calls for reform "only waste of time until the term of the current government expires."

This week Osama al-Nujaifi, spokesperson for the Iraqi Council of Representatives, said the issue of withdrawing confidence from Maliki has been suspended as the political leaders are negotiating.

The efforts by Iraqi List, Kurdistan Blocs Coalition (KBC) and Sadr MPs to withdraw confidence from Maliki began after their senior leaders described Maliki as a "dictator."

After a signature campaign to withdraw confidence from Maliki failed, the Iraqiya and KBC MPs tried to call Maliki to the Council of Representatives and withdraw his confidence inside the Council. That also seems to have failed.

In the face of such threats, the NA confirmed it still supports Maliki and called for negotiations over a political reform package.

By Raman Brusk