Announce the start of good political dialogues and stresses for consensus to resolve disagreements

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Baghdad / Orr News
Announced that the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the House of Representatives for the start of their dialogues with the National Alliance as part of the national reform. A spokesman for the alliance pro-Tayeb said that "the dialogue continues and that the head of the National Alliance on Ibrahim al-Jaafari in constant contact with representatives of the province in Baghdad, and will Alhawwarmerhalh advanced after the advent of President Jalal Talabani to the country."
Tayeb said that "the prevailing view of the Kurdistan Alliance is a need to support dialogue to resolve political differences down to agree on a compromise solution that satisfies all parties in order to save the political process."
The announcement of the Kurdistan Alliance, the start of the dialogues and adopted as the basis for the resolution of political differences, a day after House Speaker Osama al-freeze decision to question the prime minister Nuri al-Maliki against the backdrop of mature political dialogues.
According to the National Alliance and the Committee on the reform emanating from it that the political crisis began to breakthrough and political problems will be solved through dialogue based on the adoption of the Constitution.
In line with the ongoing dialogues begun in Baghdad Kurdish forces in the province of Kurdistan, the other is to examine the formation of the highest to negotiate with Baghdad all the way to end a dispute that lasted years.