Iraq's parliament warns of trying to prejudice the independence of the Central Bank
Posted 09/08/2012 12:06 PM
BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
The Committee invited the parliamentary temporary to follow up the decisions and recommendations of the independent bodies who accuse the Central Bank of the smuggling of Iraqi funds to support terrorist operations, to submit their documents in this regard is not the statement about it in the media, warning at the same time of trying to prejudice the independence of the central bank and see this as a violation of articles 106 and following of the Constitution , according to a statement issued on Thursday.
The statement said that "the committee warns of trying to prejudice the independence of the central bank, and see this as a violation of articles 106 and following of the Constitution, which will be devastating consequences," adding that "targeting will lead to damage to the Iraqi economy and the purchasing power of money and even international reputation. "

The committee called "the House of Representatives to defend the independence of the central bank and not be allowed to waive it, and there was a necessity to investigate and accounting should be paid by the House of Representatives by himself In the framework of his constitutional powers through the formation of an investigative committee."
The Commission has continued in its statement that "some people trying to exploit the opportunity to reform , to create a new crisis, the purpose of compromising the independence of independent bodies in general and the Central Bank in particular, by being accused of smuggling money and money laundering to support terrorist operations, "noting boiled" This accusation is very serious and that it is true or there is evidence of his health should not be reported in the media but requires news agencies investigative competent to carry out the investigation secret and the highest degree of attention does not hold press conferences. "
The Commission added that "the central bank an independent body not subject only to the control of the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives in charge of Brkabth and the defense of its independence as well."
The members of the influential coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has accused earlier in the Central Bank of smuggling money out of Iraq to support terrorist operations threatening the President of the Bank Shabibi to dismiss the case is proven, as determined by the head of Parliament Osama Najafi formation of a special committee to investigate the accusations.
locked in the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for months battle with his opponents aimed to take over independent bodies, most notably the CBI.