British newspaper: Iraqi politicians cost the country a thousand dollars every minute
Date: Wed, 08/08/2012 1:16
Newspaper the Daily Mail newspaper, a report from Baghdad for Iraqi political situation and the authors of his policy in which she said: "The Iraqi politicians are getting a thousand dollars per minute without having to put one law matter the country and live free in the finest hotel in Baghdad."

Confirm the newspaper in her article«
gets politicians in Iraq more than one thousand dollars to work for a period of twenty minutes in this year they got as much as $ 90,000 fee and a monthly stipend of $ 22.500 and they lived most prestigious hotel in Baghdad for nothing mentioned on their part.

Appeared in their privileges,
while salaries for luxury and ready when the 325 deputies to hold the second parliamentary session since the March elections in 2011. "

And go in her speech by saying:
There is resentment in the Iraqi community because the regular Iraqi MP gets $ 22,500 a month, and gratuities in the finest hotels in Baghdad when many are struggling to make ends meet.

Government employee from the average level gets about $ 600 a month, and Alaotaiadion people lack access to basic services such as water and electricity.

The basic monthly salary for politicians is $ 10,000 which means that the politicians in Iraq are getting $ 4500 more than one member of the U.S.

Congress, in addition to the MP gets a subsidy of $ 12,500 per month for accommodation and security arrangements.

Can be a politician to spend nights free in the finest hotels in the safe environment of the Green Zone, regardless of whether the Parliament was in session, and this is equal to $ 600 per day when traveling inside or outside Iraq.
After resigning get 80 percent of their monthly salaries for life and allows them to retain their families Bjoisathm and diplomatic passports