Member of the Commission calls on the leaders of energy blocks to consensus on the adoption of the law of oil and gas

Baghdad / WAP / called a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Qassim Mohammed, Tuesday, leaders of political blocs to a consensus to approve the oil and gas law.

Hamad said the news agency reported Baghdad International / WAP / that "the enactment of the oil and gas is the only way to organize the work of Iraq's oil wealth, in addition to the positive effects that will leave who are on the economic and political."

He added that "the oil wealth of national and can not be managed by the province or governorate administration is complete, because that will lead to a monopoly of wealth and get the problems and the ambitions of regional and international in those areas which manages file oil."

He pointed out that "these ambitions may lead to the division of Iraq, and this is what we fear and what is not consistent with the Constitution which states that Iraq is a country one and indivisible."