Confirmed the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives, Monday, the near completion of the preparation of the final wording of the amnesty law, indicating it would ask the Presidency of the Council to include the law on the agenda of the earliest meetings of the Parliament.

A member of the Legal Committee of Parliament MP Prince Kanani at a news conference in the House of Representatives attended correspondent of "integrity" Electronic, "The Legal Committee reviewed all the comments made ​​by the House of Representatives in the second reading of the amnesty law has absorbed most of them and now is the final wording of the law."

And "will be writing to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives for the inclusion of law in the agenda session at the earliest."

"The law is built on several foundations, where the condition of the issue of reconciliation and compromise from those with the victim."

He continued that "the inclusion of crimes has been overwhelming, both offenses under investigation or trial."