Political blocs will meet for breakfast Najafi
08/06/2012 0:00

Unexpected changes on the reform paper
BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tai
science "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network," that the political blocs met yesterday after a breakfast from the President of the House of Representatives Osama al.
a parliamentary source said: "The banquet attended by a large number of the heads of the blocks and the House of Representatives and government figures, "asserting that he was trading in the political developments after the banquet.
told senior political sources "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network" on Saturday the existence of an agreement between the political blocs on the held a second meeting between them in the coming days, saying that "the proposed reform will be strongly present, it is hoped to come out with positive results to serve the political process." The outcome of the meeting of leaders of parliamentary blocs with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday an agreement to calm tense situations and new meetings to bring the views put forward with a proposal to hold a meeting attended by the Prime Minister and President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, said in Congress who attended a breakfast held by the head of the National Alliance, Dr. Ibrahim Jaafari, on the same day and was attended by Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi, said the political crisis began to disintegrate "automatically." In the meantime, a political source said: that some adjustments will take place on a sheet of the National Reform after observations shown by some of the blocks political. The source for "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network": that "the coalition seeking to reform the success of his project, so it is ready to make amendments to satisfy the political limbs, but they are not inconsistent with this national project, or with the terms of the Constitution. "