Peshmarga (Kurds) and Iraqi Defense Ministry sign agreement, says Jabar Yawar05/08/2012 14:16ERBIL, August 5 (AKnews) The general secretary of the Ministry of Peshmarga in the Kurdistan Region announced that the Ministry of Peshmarga and Iraq's Defense Ministry signed a seven-point agreement to solve the current crisis of moving troops to border areas.

Jabar Yawar in a press conference in Erbil said: "Lieutenant General Sherwan and I attended a meeting along with the commander of armed forces of the Ministry of Defense and the commander of the Iraqi Police in Baghdad yesterday."

After three hours of dialogue about moving Iraqi troops to border areas such as Zumar and Khapour we reached an agreement, added Yawar.

The Iraqi government moved an army force consisting of two brigades of 37 and 38 to Zumar and Khapour areas on July 27 using protection of the area as the reason. Peshmarga forces halted the army from moving forward.

Yawar stressed: "The agreement is that Iraqi and Peshmarga forces that are in the area must turn their face against each other to the Syrian borders to protect Iraqi soil."All the extra troops that came to the area because of this crisis will return to their place and after ending the Syrian uprising all the forces should go back to their place."

By Fryad Mohammed

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