National Alliance announce the start in the first phase of the comprehensive reform
Author: Cairo - conscious 1 - 05/08/2012 10:04:40

A joint committee to resolve the dispute with the KRG oil

Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa

Announced the National Alliance to begin in the first phase of a comprehensive reform plan in all facilities and institutions of the state at a time when leadership was considered that «the diversity of crisis in the country now needs the diversity of solutions as well». At the time of log in which the Iraqi parliament remarkable success during this legislative term of the agreement on the adoption of a series of important laws which are expected to be voted on this week after the termination of all political disputes relating thereto, such as the law of the Federal Court and Supreme Judicial Council and the provincial elections law and the membership of the Electoral Commission for the elections, in addition to reading the law of parties, the truce is still continuing between the political parties.

The political body of the National Alliance said in a statement that there is a basic need in order to «strengthen the dialogue with all political parties and the absorption of new developments to push for a national meeting as soon as possible, and to end the current crisis». The statement added that the alliance president Ibrahim al-Jaafari «presented at the beginning of the meeting a presentation of the findings of the Commission reform through dialogues with other political blocs». He pointed out that al-Jaafari «stressed that the reform project started to move in practice by focusing on the basket the first of the files and the outstanding issues», revealing that «the recent meetings with the leaders of the blocks shown in support of the work of the reform, taking into account the ceilings of time and procedures applied». Between Jaafari and that «these meetings opened the way for everyone to work together to accomplish what is required, and reviewed the last Alliance political and security developments in Iraq». He referred to «the need to respond decisively to acts of terrorism and the remnants of the former regime who want to return Iraq to the first box», stressing that «the need to carry all the political blocs and the sons of the country responsible for maintaining the acquired security and the defense of the democratic system and protect it from the regional implications».

The statement stressed that «the meeting stressed the importance of the completion of the formation of state institutions, and legislation of important laws that serve the Iraqi people, and stressed the alliance on the importance of promoting dialogue with the political parties all, and to accommodate new developments to push for a national meeting as soon as possible, and to end the current crisis».

For his part, stressed member of the Commission on oil and energy in the Iraqi parliament Furat al-Shara told «Middle East», that «the ministerial committee was formed between the Ministries of the Federal Oil, and Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region to resolve the dispute oil», pointing out that «the claim the Kurdistan region of pay the federal government for benefits oil companies is something that needs to be clarified in the presence of a lot of money in the Kurdistan region, which have been exported previously from oil », pointed out that« the Committee which was formed is supposed to find the appropriate mechanism to resolve this issue, which should be kept away from the politicization ».

, The spokesman of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the Iraqi parliament pro-Tayeb told «Middle East», that «the Ministry of wealth and natural resources in the Kurdistan region is still waiting for the position of the federal government, especially after he managed the Kurdistan Regional Government to convince the companies to resume export oil », adding that« the payment could increase export rates to 200 thousand barrels per day ». And on the funds held by the Kurdistan from the sale of oil previously said good that «this is subject to the discussions which will take place between the two ministries in Baghdad and Erbil».

But the leader of the Sadrist and member of parliament for the Liberal bloc Uday Awad told «Middle East», that «the future of Iraq may be negative repercussions of the crisis the Syrian, which makes it imperative for everyone to be the first priority of this issue». The Awad that «the National Alliance as the largest bloc obliged to submit a paper real reforms are not so pleased about is but to accept them partners in the forefront of their Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan», saying «the need to work on cemented the home front about the winds of discord that could be blowing in the background what is happening in Syria ».