Shirwan Waeli: Parliament makes the performance of building a democratic Iraq stagnant project restores the faces of the same ruling
Posted 01/08/2012 01:51 PM
BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"criticized the MP for the coalition of "state law" Shirwan Waeli performance of the Iraqi parliament, explaining that "the House of Representatives once again failed to achieve the required reforms."

MP Shirwan Waeli
He said in a press conference today that "the House could not vote on the legal and the Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council at the same time passed a provincial elections law run counter to what format is required for the Iraqi people and the decision of the Federal Court."
And carried to pass the parliament for the Law of the provincial councils, saying that "what happened and especially in the passage of the provincial councils is the attempts to confuse the people and block the reforms advocated by everyone and make these measures the project of building a democratic Iraq really is a stagnant and will not seen any programs or new faces and will continue to parties power and their faces are the same without change. "