BAGHDAD (Iba) .. The member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee MP Ali Alsjeri the central bank to audit in the process of transferring money to the alleged importation of foreign goods.

He said Alsjeri told the independent press (Iba) that the information refers to the establishment of banking offices and companies, foreign exchange to transfer nearly $ 4 billion a month out of Iraq allegedly financing the importation of goods into the country, while we see entering a small percentage of these goods, which means the existence of suspicious and the smuggling of foreign currency.

He added that the matter requires more controls and to examine the conversion processes, and we think it's better to be inside the opening credits for Iraq, according to banking system (LC) to ensure that emptied the country of hard currency.

He noted that the majority of these offices and companies are run by gangs in the state and senior politicians by their families or relatives, as is the use of forged documents on import contracts, etc., and the operations of a major corruption must take charge of the investigation by the competent authorities.

He noted that the citizen is now starting to lose confidence in the national currency, especially after multiple comments about the change or not, and became dependent on the savings in dollars instead of the Iraqi dinar and this is unfortunate, and that the lifting of the zeroes from the currency will not change anything with all this money being smuggled abroad.

He stressed the need to Alsjeri alert to this and work hard to reduce it in order to preserve the Iraqi economy from collapse, and to preserve the Iraqi currency which have seen a relative improvement at the exchange rate against the dollar to fall back for seconds. :