MDC Party, Barzani attacked and accused of creating a war with Baghdad, Turkey and Iran/THE GAZETTE!

(Reuters) - President attacked the MDC Nechirvan Mustafa, on Thursday, the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani, accusing him of creating wars "with Baghdad, Turkey and Iran, stressing that the leadership of the party with a strategy to bring about the rule of the family twenty years ago.

Mustafa said in an interview aired on Al-Kurd, "The Democratic Party of Kurdistan (PUK) creates a foreign war and the problems of big-time with Baghdad and once with Turkey and Iran with the other so that people forget Mtalibém, as they carry out their goals." Indicating that the party passed the budget Kurdistan despite their shortcomings and waste of the wealth of citizens, as well as delay the provincial elections, and the establishment of the National Security Council, which is other than the international standards. "

Mustafa said: "The party has agreed to some oil contracts with Turkey, and the creation of a war between the center and in order to hide those contracts." He pointed out that the party leadership with a strategy to reflect the ruling family for twenty years. "

Mustafa stressed that "the dispute with Baghdad, the Kurds continued since the founding of the Iraqi state in the twenties of the last century." He pointed out that such differences include the ground and the geographical boundaries of Kurdistan, the Kurds and the participation of central authority, in addition to the distribution of the wealth of Iraq. "

He said Mustafa said: "Iraq is creating these problems to export its crises and the Kurdish leadership, which seeks to transfer its internal crisis to another place, especially in the last year when the expansion of the movement interceptors." He explained that the experience of vanguard party and the experience of family party and parties of genetic and genetic Republics failed in the past twenty years, and will fail in Kurdistan as well. "

Mustafa pointed out that the right of the Democratic Party to pursue genetic system within its members, but that this was a presidential system and the type is acceptable. "Saying that all visits by the head region, Massoud Barzani and the Council of Ministers Nechirvan Barzani to foreign countries is unconstitutional."