Maliki will meet the heads of the blocks and reassure the region

Date: Thursday, 08/02/2012 11:21

Ayad al-Tamimi - Ghassan just
said a representative for the rule of law that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki "expressed flexibility to settle disputes between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region, and a desire to resolve all disputes concerning the law of oil and gas and the disputed areas, also expressed about the availability of good faith in the rule of law to overcome all differences with the Kurdistan Alliance. "

The MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki to the extent that "the current month will resolve the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Arbil, the adoption of the Constitution." This came after a meeting convened by Prime Minister in the late hours of yesterday with the representatives of the political blocs in the headquarters of al-Maliki to discuss the political situation. The meeting was attended by the Iraqi List, a number of deputies most prominent of whom Salman Jumaili and the Kurdistan Alliance was attended by MP Khalid Shwani addition to the number of members of the National Alliance most prominent alliance president Ibrahim al-Jaafari, also attended the meeting, Secretary General of the mass of the white MP Jamal watermelon and head of the bloc of free MP Qutaiba Jubouri and MP breakaway Iraqi Taher Abdul Khader. The head of the Kurdistan Islamic Union deputy Najib Abdullah said in a news conference attended by "term" that "the most important axes of the meeting focused on the differences between Baghdad and Erbil, especially those related to the proliferation of military forces sent from the federal government." In contrast, said the head of the Liberal parliamentary deputy, "Bahaa al-Araji," The meeting focused on the recent crisis between the federal government and the territorial Government and private military forces sent to the Iraqi border to save it. "They said in a news conference attended by" long "The prime minister opened the debate in this subject after the submission of the speech in which he explained "excesses of the Peshmerga," replies the heads of the blocks after the words "I did not agree with the proposals of the prime minister," as he put it.