Reuters: Iraq cancels contract for the oil company Total signed a contract to develop Kurdistan oil

Translation / Baghdadiya News / agency reported .. Roetersfa a statement to a senior Iraqi official in the oil sector that works to eliminate Talarac share in Total Halfaya oil field after the announcement of the French company Toukaaha an agreement to develop oil in the Kurdistan region.
The head of the Department of Contracts and Licensing at the Ministry of Oil Abdul-Mahdi al-Amidi, "We are working to eliminate the share of Total in Halfaya field and we will cancel any contract or agreement with any company you sign a contract or agreement with the Kurdistan region without the approval of the Ministry of Oil." The agency indicated that the central government in Baghdad considers the contracts signed by the companies with the Kurdistan region without their consent is illegal.
The French company Total announced on Tuesday it agreed to buy a stake in the two blocs in the region, which angered Baghdad. Ended / 21