ERBIL, July 31 (AKnews) – The deputy head of the Kurdistan Blocs Coalition said that the efforts to question Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki continue and the preparation committee for collecting evidence to call him to parliament is still active.

The news follows the statement of Iraqi parliament speaker Usama Nujaifi to al-Sharqia TV that said the committee halted its work and parties are now waiting for the State of Law Coalition to fulfill its promise of making reforms.

Muhssin Sadoun said: "The efforts for interrogating Maliki are still ongoing but the process has been delayed a little due to the collection of proof and studying legal and constitutional procedures.

"The efforts will continue and the process of questioning Maliki will be conducted because the Kurdistan Region, Iraqiya and the Sadrist Movement insist on interrogating the prime minister."

Sadoun added that Maliki will be called to parliament for questioning once the legal and constitutional procedures end.