"the provincial government is facing pressure from the parties in the case of U.S. military deployment 07/30/2012 14:24

Uzmatk _ g _ Baghdad. P
Criticized the MP for the Iraqi Free Zuhair al-Araji, "Kurdistan Regional Government to contacts continued U.S. side, through the continuous visits by delegations of U.S. to the region. They said in a statement the" news agency Uzmatk "The provincial government is facing pressure from the authorities the U.S. even in the case of published military forces, noting that "the Iraqi parliament was not a party to continue to work with the U.S. government has no visitors of any consultant or any other personal U.S. and imposes upon everything, but Manlahza is communication between the central government and the provincial government through contacts with the U.S. side, and thus we believe the presence of U.S. intervention in Iraqi affairs and in the current Iraqi crisis. Araji said he hoped"That this intervention will be some kind of advice or aggravation, not to interfere in Iraqi affairs."